The publication - in July 2016 - of Kevin O'Connell's now-critically-acclaimed Beyond Derrynane: A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe marked the beginning of what is proving to be an enthralling new series of historical novels.

Published in November 2017, Mr. O'Connell's Two Journeys Home: A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe, The Derrynane Saga continued a sweeping chronicle, set against the drama of Europe in the early stages of significant change, dramatising the roles, which have never before been treated in fiction, played by a small number of expatriate Irish Catholics of the fallen "Gaelic Aristocracy" at the courts of Catholic Europe, as well as relating their complex, at times dangerous, lives at home in Protestant Ascendancy-ruled Ireland.  

With the eagerly-anticipated November 2019 release  of the third volume in the Saga - Bittersweet Tapestry: A Novel of Eighteenth Century Europe, O’Connell focuses in greater detail on Eileen O'Connell and her husband Arthur O'Leary's lives in English-occupied Ireland, whilst chronicling the increasing prominence at the French court of Hugh O'Connell as a cadet and Daniel O'Connell as an officer in the Irish Brigade of France.

The tantalisingly few documented historical facts that are actually known of the lives of the O'Connells and their fellow "Wild Geese" provide the basic threads around which the continuing tale itself is woven, into which strategic additions of numerous fictional and historical personalities and events intertwine seamlessly. 

Beyond Derrynane, Two Journeys Home and  Bittersweet Tapestry are all available as trade paperbacks from - and through Amazon's sites in Canada, the UK and elsewhere; from retailers such as Waterstones and Foyles in the UK; Booktopia in Australia and Barnes & Noble in the US, as well as any number of independent book stores in the U.S.,  the UK and Europe. All three books have also been released in the Kindle format, and are readily available for download on any-Amazon site.
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